CMC Firmware Upgrades:

CMCAMAC modules contain a substantial amount of firmware, in the form of CPLD and FPGA programming.  After the initial release, this firmware is often upgraded as bugs are discovered (and fixed!) and new features are added. All CMCAMAC modules can be upgraded to the latest firmware, at no cost to the user (except shipping if the module must be returned to CMC for upgrade).  

The CPLD firmware rarely needs updating. The CPLDs control the CAMAC interface and its functions are simple and similar for all modules. The FPGA firmware provides the functionality and personality of the module. This firmware is in a memory chip, either eeprom or flash, and is usually socketed for easy upgrade. If the user is able to erase and reprogram the memory chips at his location, hex files can be provided.  If not, pre-programmed chips will be shipped on request, at no charge. Please call or email for more information or to request the hex files,

CMC203 Fera Driver/Memory/Histogrammer
        Version 19, no known bugs
        Version 21, adds deglitch to REQ detection. This avoids a glitch that can occur when long control bus cables are used.

CMC080 Charge Integrating ADC
Version 23, all known bugs fixed

CMC081 Fera Compatible Charge Integrating ADC
        Version 5, no known bugs, includes very low dead time 4 channel mode

CMC100 USB FastCamac Crate Controller
FPGA Version 30, USB version C, all known bugs fixed
FPGA Version 31, USB version D, adds a new USB endpoint with a separate response buffer