EZCamac  version 2.2, July 22, 2010

EZCamac is a text file driven data acquisition program for the CMC100 USB Camac Crate Controller. Any windows computer (w98x, w2k, or xp) with a USB port can be used, even a slow, older computer. The fast trigger response (Lam or Pulse) and the high speed Camac readout are executed within the list processor in the CMC100. The host computer merely has to check the FIFO buffer and read as necessary. A CMC100 with at least version 31 firmware is required (updates are always free, just call).

EZCamac is intended both as a learning tool for the CMC100 and as an easy to use Camac data acquisition system. It is limited to a single Camac crate and to a subset of the CMC100 list processor commands. All normal Camac and FastCamac dataway commands are supported. Command type 29, insert arbitrary 32 bit word into memory, allows access to all list processor commands (including tests and jumps), but requires 'hand assembly' of the program.

As a learning and debugging tool, it allows the user to experiment with blocks of commands and with the list processor without having to write a special host program. Everything can be done with EZCamac and a simple text file. EZCamac handles the CMC100 and its' USB interface, the user only has to know his Camac modules.

As a data acquisition system, it will execute normal Camac instructions at the rate of one every 1.5 microseconds and FastCamac at up to 30 Mbytes per second. Data is written to a disk file either as raw binary or as decoded Ascii data. Trigger latency (Lam or external Pulse) is a few hundred nanoseconds. This simple program can handle trigger rates of several KiloHertz, and data rates up to several MegaBytes per second.

The system is completely driven by a text file of commands, absolutely no computer programming is required.

Version 2.0 adds two new features, symbol definitions and a super text file, that calls EZCamac text files. See the manual for details.
Version 2.2 corrects some minor errors. See the source code for details.
The zip file contains source code and examples.

The complete EZcamac V2.3 zip file (330k)

The EZCamac V2 Manual (pdf file, 87k)
3377 unpack utility(zip file, 14k)
new ezcamac(zip file, 1.3M)