CMC206 Universal Logic Module

This is a simple module, consisting of a Xilinx XC3S1500 FPGA, 4 MegaBytes of fast static ram memory, 54 user i/o connectors, and a complete Camac interface. The Camac interface allows both normal Camac and all levels of FastCamac. The FPGA can be programmed over the Camac interface, or from a pair of flash memory chips (in sockets). The program in flash memory is automatically programmed on power up.

This module can be programmed to provide almost any digital processing requirement, from simple scalers to complex trigger logic. Sequential logic can be implemented as pipelines of high speed state machines, or in a full featured embedded risc computer. Internal clocks up to 300 Mhz allow timing applications with precision of a few nanoseconds.

Signal inputs and outputs

47 differential ECL pairs, arranged in four 0.100” spacing IDC headers

34 pin header, 17 pair, on rear panel

34 pin header, 17 pair , on front panel

16 pin header, 8 pair, on front panel

10 pin header, 5 pair, on front panel

7 Nim Fast signals

7 Lemo Coaxial connectors, on front panel

Each of the 54 signals can be programmed to be either input or output.

Each ECL signal uses 3 pins on the FPGA, input, output and direction select. The input pin receives its input from an ECL to TTL level converter, the output pin drives a TTL to ECL level converter. The select pin controls a DPDT switch between the level converters and the pins on the IDC header. Termination and pull down resistors are on the level converter side of the switch. Some of these resistors are in sockets, to allow the module to be programmed as a FERA compatible data module.

The Nim signal driver and receiver have separate pins on the FPGA and also share the same Lemo connector. No select signal is needed, and each can be input and output at the same time.

The Xilinx XC3s1500 FPGA contains about 1.5 Million gate equivalents. In addition to more than 15000 each of flip-flops and logic blocks, there are fast multipliers (for DSP applications), frequency synthesizers and ~650k bits of fast block memory.

FPGA programs can be written with Xilinxs' free Webpack software, or using the lowest cost version of the ISE programming package. Sample programs in VHDL and complete documentation are provided with the module.

This module is in production.